BLACK FRIDAY: The day the spirit of shopping roams the earth with lots of discounts on offer

Black Friday is the name given to the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving Day — fourth Friday of November — in the United States. This marks the beginning of Christmas shopping with lots of deals from some of our favourite stores. As we all know, Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday, and for some people, Friday is also an off day. This means a four-day weekend if you include Saturday and Sunday. The additional days off enables people to relax and probably ‘shop-shop-shop-shop’.

Initially, the term “Black Friday” wasn’t commonly used in other parts of the world since they weren’t aware of its existence. In some countries, the months of November and December are when people start shopping for Christmas and it doesn’t necessarily mean products (fashion apparel, electronic device, toys and games, garden tools, etc.) will be sold at discounted prices. However, it seems the advent of the internet and e-commerce exported the Black Friday fever to most countries, and its adoption by global retailers has made it an important sales day.

Retailers that have taken Black Friday to the next level often have a strategic marketing plan, and you start receiving updates about the event days before Black Friday especially if you sign up for their newsletter. I don't see anything wrong in it because with the buzz, it’s an opportunity to turn a profit if they have been in the red. Over the years, we’ve seen retailers offering discounts a few days before Black Friday while others wait till midnight and it’s often true for those that have an e-commerce site. However, it’s not uncommon for some stores to begin their sales in the morning.

According to different sources, the term Black Friday was first used by the police in Philadelphia to describe the heavy traffic experienced by pedestrian and those driving on the Friday after Thanksgiving. But now, Black Friday can be said to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year and there have been cases of stampeding in stores.

If you haven’t witnessed the Black Friday shopping frenzy or you think there’s so much fake news about this trend, then you already missed the opportunity to be a believer in 2020 until probably next year or 2022. To reduce the spread of Coronavirus by maintaining social distancing and avoiding large crowds in stores, shopping would most likely take place virtually (desktop computers and mobile devices) and it’s impossible to see people fighting for items on a store rack, although there could be reported cases of sites crashing or being unusually slow.

In 2020, Black Friday is tomorrow (November 27th) and many people will surely avoid shopping in person. Those that eventually make it to the store might have to adhere to strict health and safety precautions such as; keeping a safe distance from others whilst on a queue, only touching items you have the intention of buying, the use of nose/face mask, only try on clothes you’re sure of buying — which is absolutely impossible for anyone, the use of hand sanitiser, and pay using debit cards instead of cash.

According to Salesforce (American cloud-based software company), the 2019 Black Friday digital sales in the U.S. alone was estimated at $7.2 billion and it was said to be up 14% over the previous year (2018). This year, it wouldn’t be surprising if digital sales in developed countries with more stringent Covid-19 rules is higher during this Black Friday. Based on my estimate, I expect at least 98.4 million people to still shop on Black Friday in the U.S. and a minimum of $16.7 billion in total sales both in-store and online despite the massive job loss.

In the U.S. you can’t talk about Black Friday deals without mentioning Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. People in other countries have their favourite discount-provider during Black Friday, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the products you can purchase.

1/10. Product Description: Ralph Lauren, Polo Red Eau de Toilette, 75ml

Image Source: John Lewis (Price: Now — $33.99, SAVE 34%)

2/10. Product Description: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Smartphone

Image Source: John Lewis (Price: Now — £499.99, SAVE £100)

3/10. Product Description: LG 86UN85006LA (2020) LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Image Source: John Lewis (Price: Now — £1,699.99, SAVE £300)

4/10. Product Description: AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Luggage with Built-In TSA Lock — 26-Inch, Blue

Image Source: Amazon (Price: Now — £56.74, SAVE £23.25)

5/10. Product Description: Bulova Dress Watch (Model: 96A217)

Image Source: Amazon (Price: Now — £269.73, SAVE £280.27)

6/10. Product Description: SPANX, Faux Leather Leggings

Image Source: Nordstrom (Price: Now — £78.40, SAVE £11.60)

7/10. Product Description: HALOGEN, Seamless Two-Way Camisole

Image Source: Nordstrom (Price: Now — $13.04, SAVE $29)

8/10. Product Description: ADIDAS, ULTRABOOST 20 SHOES

Image Source: adidas (Price: Now — $140, SAVE $40)

9/10. Product Description: ThinkPad T490 Laptop

Image Source: Lenovo (Price: Now — $999.99, SAVE $1,749.01)

10/10. Product Description: Best Buy, FIFA 21 Standard Edition — Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Image Source: Best Buy (Price: Now — $999.99, SAVE $1,749.01)

We hope you were able to find a product that you really desired, if not, you can simply browse through some of your favourite websites and you might just be lucky to get a good bargain on a product you’ve always wanted.


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