Blue Origin and its desire to take humans to space on vacation

Image Source: Blue Origin
  1. Interrogator: What’s your opinion on the invasion and colonization of countries?
  2. Interrogator: Mars and other planets have vast landmass and it’s possible to have up to 2,000 life forms, what should be done if we ever encounter such life forms that are capable of higher reasoning and communication like humans?
  3. Interrogator: You have invested so many resources to make space travel a reality, do you think you deserve to be entitled to a certain percentage of the landmass on another planet? Do you think developing countries deserve a land on a different planet or should it be restricted to the G7 countries? Also, what would be the criteria for naming each territory?
  4. Interrogator: We already have the UNWTO and G20, who do you think should be responsible for making laws and prosecuting those flouting laws in space?
  5. Interrogator: The earth is in constant battle with global warming, so what will you do differently when in space?
  6. Interrogator: Based on your vision, you plan to ensure millions of people are living and working in space. The company also stated that it plans to preserve the earth for our grandchildren’s grandchildren, by going to space to tap its unlimited resources and energy. So, indirectly, you’re planning to have a large community that could be subjected to the same problems faced on earth? Also, you wouldn’t mind stealing the assumed unlimited resources even if there are already people inhabiting the planet?
  7. Interrogator: The company’s mission also includes the reduction of the cost of access to space. But, do you think it’s possible to charge less than $2,000 per trip excluding all other services?
  8. Interrogator: If some people start living and having children on a different planet, what travel passport are they going to require when visiting earth? If Blue Origin including each of the G7 countries — US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Germany and Japan — all have their territories on Mars, does it mean people from Mars will require Visa on vacation?
  9. Interrogator: How do you plan to start the construction of school buildings, hotels, resort, shopping malls, offices, roads, etc? Do you plan to take construction workers and materials from earth?
  10. Interrogator: Are there any safety concerns during and after the trip? Do you think there could be a physiological change in humans as a result of exposing themselves to a different environment?
Image Source: Blue Origin



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