I want to believe that only a few people on planet earth haven’t heard the words sneakers or trainers. For me, my simple definition of the sneaker is; ‘a beautiful rubber-soled shoe which is water-resistant and durable’. In various countries or places, the sneaker is known by several names which include, but not limited to; kicks (U.S.), training shoes or trainers (UK), running shoes, runners, sneakers (North America), athletic footwear, tennis shoes, gym shoes, tennies, sports shoes, track shoes, and canvas shoes (Nigeria).

I guess Charles Goodyear (American Scientist) never thought his invention (vulcanized rubber — In 1839) would be widely celebrated and accepted in the fashion industry without many people knowing about Charles himself. In the early 1900s (20th Century), The US Rubber Company and Converse were two companies that saw the huge potential of opening the rubber-soled shoe markets to both the masses and affluent. A few years later, the Dassler’s brothers also introduced their brands into the market, but the issue between the two brothers led to a split and they went their separate ways to establish two new brands Adidas (Adolf Dassler) and Puma (Rudolf Dassler). Blue Ribbon Sports which later became Nike also joined the race to be one of the leaders in the sneaker industry. Nike was founded by Bill Bowerman (track-and-field coach) and Phil Knight (Bill’s former student), and they launched the Nike brand shoe in 1972.

Image Source: Instagram (Nike, LeBron James)

Although the market is now very saturated, it hasn’t stopped more people from venturing into the sneaker making business. We’ve got so many rising creative sneakers designers whose designs make you start thinking if most of them are reincarnates of great creative sculptors such as Michelangelo and Picasso. They are all highly talented in their craft, and I believe, more of them are still languishing in a different field (IT, Finance, Business Consulting, Chef, Sales Assistant, etc.) at the moment and would hopefully retrace their step back to what they’ve been destined to do someday.

‘Whereas, in the 1990s, you were regarded as a king if you aren’t a celebrity and you own up to 50 different pairs of sneaker collections’

‘Authorised retailers have also invested in people (authenticators) that can easily spot counterfeit sneakers out of 2000+ sneakers received’

While surfing the net, we found 3 sneakers from 3 different popular brands that you might find attractive.

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Image Source: Nike (LeBron 17 Low, Price: $160)

1/3. Description: LeBron 17 Low

Fine-tuned for LeBron’s ferocious game, the LeBron 17 Low gives the King another sensation to add to his arsenal. The combined cushioning platform provides a balanced mix of impact absorption and responsiveness. A precisely crafted low-top design offers a lightweight, conforming fit with ankle mobility and a look that resonates on the street.

  • Shown: Spruce Aura/Racer Blue/Sail/Black
  • Style: CD5007–005
Image Source: Adidas (ZX 2K 4D SHOES, Price: $200)


In our modern world, culture and technology exist intertwined. Technology advances and culture shifts. Culture blooms and technology adapts. The Adidas ZX story is similar: always innovating, creating cutting-edge styles like these ZX 2K 4D Shoes. Built with breathable mesh and a state-of-the-art midsole, they keep you comfortable in an ever-changing world.

Image Source: Converse (Final Club Chuck 70, Price: $85)

3/3. Description: Final Club Chuck 70 (Unisex High Top Shoe)

The Chuck 70 mixes the best details from the ’70s-era Chuck with impeccable craftsmanship and premium materials. An elevated style icon, it features more cushioning to keep you looking — and feeling — good all day. The Final Club edition layers organic canvas with soft suede overlays for a luxe, streamlined look. Dress to impress yourself.

We hope you were able to find at least an item from the collections.

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