The U.S. Presidential election is and has always been one of the most talked-about events in the world. Tomorrow marks another day in the history of the U.S., President Donald Trump (the 45th President) will be going head-to-head at the polls with the former Vice President, Joe Biden. However, this isn’t the only war-like news from that part of the world because it hasn’t been spared from the pains caused by the coronavirus. The U.S. has recorded the most cases and deaths around the world, election campaign arenas and voting centres are some of the places where it’s easier to contract the virus — the best of safety precautions are still prone to error.

Image Source: Hindustan Times (L — Joe Biden of Democrat, R — Donald Trump of Republican)

All countries seem to be nursing their problems in the best way possible, and describing the fight against the virus as a success is subject to different interpretation. The UK and other countries had to completely lock down their borders during the rising spread of the coronavirus in March. At the moment, we are back at it again, lockdown will take effect in England from Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 2 December.

We believe that no government will be happy to shut down economic activities for irrelevant reasons. The virus is real and people are dying, that’s why we want everyone to work together with the government by adhering to the rules of staycation that we practised in March, to protect the NHS and save lives whilst ensuring that schools remain open. From Thursday the national restrictions replace the local restrictions already in place.

This current restriction isn’t as severe as the first lockdown, at least, children can go to school if online classes aren’t provided. Most of the other previous restrictions are still in place and they include but not limited to; social distancing, washing of hands, the shutdown of certain businesses and venues, etc.

As with Dartemuv, our world revolves around the travel industry, and, sadly, travelling in or out of your local area in England is prohibited except in certain situations (work, education, hospital, essential retail, etc.) where it’s highly necessary. Also, people are advised to reduce the number of journeys they make and if possible, they can try walking or cycling to reduce physical contacts. Cyber Monday sales will have to replace Black Friday since crowding isn’t allowed. People are currently battling with their finances, as a result, we aren’t expecting higher Cyber Monday sales compared to last year (2019) since clothing and electronic stores are expected to be shut. With all these in place, certainly, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the law also states that holidays abroad will not be allowed.

Image Source: Financial Times

Based on the information on the government’s website which guides travel corridors, if you arrive in England from Cyprus or Lithuania after 4 am Sunday 1 November, you will need to self-isolate. This means you can’t even travel to those countries for now with the lockdown. Also, Liechtenstein was removed from the exempt list at 4 am Sunday 25 October, as a result, forget about travelling to Liechtenstein.

We are already in November, and people that haven’t had time to may have to cancel their holiday. Even though Canary Islands, Denmark, Maldives and Mykonos were added to the travel corridor on October 25th at 4 am, you can’t travel to those destinations. If you need to visit the Maldives, you may have to try again after December 2nd. However, the government hopes to see a significant decline in the number of cases before considering taking an action based on its review.

Lastly, with the disruptions in the travel and tourism industry, I do not think airlines and hotels will even be happy to refund an already booked and paid holiday.

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